A home for hard to recycle plastics

Nearly all plastics can be recycled. However, the extent to which they are recycled often depends upon the technical and economic factors affecting your waste collection provider. We have a solution for plastic road cones which have always been seen as an undesirable, hard to recycle product.

Our innovative solution includes both the collection and reprocessing of items including road cones at a Polymer plant in the South West of England. With the high-vis stripe, footer and sandbag removed from the product, our partner is able to granulate the cone. The material is then sent to manufacturers in the UK and Europe to be made into new products.

This product is part of a circular economy solution because it creates a use for materials generally perceived as unrecyclable. The manufacturer uses 100% recycled content with no virgin material being required to create a weatherproof board that acts as an alternative to plywood. The plastic lumber can also be used to create benches, picnic tables, fence posts and planters to name but a few.

Reducing the need to harvest of fossil fuels is an essential part of the UK’s journey to net-zero. This solution harnesses the value of existing materials and eases the pressure society has been placing on our natural resources.

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