Innovative & Engaging Solutions

Our customer is one of the UK’s leading distributors of animal feed to the agriculture sector. They have a deep understanding of their cost base and the ability to innovate. This has enabled them to navigate the many challenges the sector has faced over the past three decades. With the emerging global commodities market impacting the price of raw materials in the UK, our customer has continued to innovate, investing in systems and staff to better serve arable farmers in the future.


Our partnership commenced several years ago with a shared commitment to continuously improve, innovate, invest in systems and technology. Above all else, engage with staff to minimise the impact that their waste has on the environment. UKWSL manages the collection and processing of traditional waste streams such as general waste, dry mixed recycling, wood and scrap metal. UKWSL also manages more complex waste streams including hazardous waste, spend grain, feminine hygiene waste and many more. Since the outset of the relationship UKWSL’s commitment has always been to support our customer to move up through the tiers of the Waste Hierarchy and to utilise the principles of the Circular Economy to ensure that waste is given a second life.

Innovative solutions to reducing the carbon footprint

To UKWSL and our customers, service success is about being “on-time”. The collection success rate for “on-time” services in 2019 across the our customers estate has averaged 99%. Some of our competitors in the waste industry report service success by including missed collections recovered within an agreed number of days – For UKWSL, service success is about being “on-time”.

To ensure timely collection services for our customers, UKWSL has created a number of key partnerships in all major towns and cities across Britain. When looking for the right partners, one of UKWSL’s key considerations is location. The proximity principle means that UKWSL will ensure our service partners are locally based in relation to the customer site. This means that vehicles regularly travel through a smaller service area thereby maximising the quality and timeliness of collection services. The additional benefit is that the associated carbon footprint is reduced by avoiding the unnecessary travelling miles.

UKWSL and our customer work closely together to stockpile complex waste materials. By doing this, UKWSL can co-ordinate with our service partners to collect from several sites on the same day. By doing so, we are able to provide a more cost effective solution that has the added benefit of reducing the mileage travelled were we to have booked collections on separate days.

Innovation through technology – The Hub

UKWSL have won an Innovation Award for our bespoke designed web portal “The Hub”. Our portal presents honest, accurate and real-time data, giving our customer complete confidence in the services that UKWSL provides. The Hub shows clearly presented data and secure log ins to keep our customers information safe. Because the system is live and web based, Information is accessible anywhere and anytime our customer requires it.  Sites have a quick and transparent way to track requests and source information.   

Our customers finance team can view invoices, statements and backings data which means they no longer need to retain physical paperwork. Not only does this reduce the need for storage and archiving, but reduces waste being generated in the first place. This is a key added value for UKWSL as it emphasises the top tier of the waste hierarchy.

In support of our customers Corporate Social Responsibilities our web portal can also be used to show tonnage generated by waste stream by site by month, giving both UKWSL and our customer the ability to analyse trends and create projects designed to minimise the impact operations have on the environment. Compliance Documentation including electronic copies of waste carrier licences, waste transfer notes, disposal site permits, hazardous waste consignment notes and more are all held on the portal. This gives our customer confidence that they are able to access data required for ISO audits, Environment Agency visits and regulatory inspections.

The Circular Economy 

A circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each lifecycle. The circular economy is important because it creates sustainable opportunities for growth, helps to reduce waste, drive greater resource productivity and delivers a more competitive economy. By realising the benefits, businesses are also positioning the UK to better compete with international markets, address emerging resource security issues and reducing the environmental impacts of our production and consumption. Our strategic partnership approach allows us to focus strongly on the circular economy.

At the outset of our relationship our customer recycled less than 5% of all waste materials and had no visibility of landfill diversion statistics from their previous waste supplier. By utilising the guiding principles of the circular economy and by embracing a true partnership our customer now recycles more than 44% of all waste material generated.

UKWSL’s vision and commitment means that we are always reviewing services to seek continuous improvements. Our ultimate goal was to deliver a “Zero Waste to Landfill” solution. This has now been achieve but we will continue delivering year on year improvements to recycling rates.

Engaging the workforce

UKWSL supports our customer to raise awareness and educate staff about the global and local challenges we face in regards to waste management and the environment. Engagement and awareness are fundamental in delivering successful change and creating a new culture where we consider how our behaviour affects the environment we all live in.

Our engagement programme included a need to audit all sites across Britain. Not only were our account management team able to engage sites and discuss challenges and solutions we face, we were also able to identify and share knowledge, best practice and to gain buy-in from key stakeholders at site level for any recommendations for change.

Value for money

When UKWSL talks about ‘value for money’ we mean that best value for money is defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.

Cost means consideration of the whole life cost.

Quality means meeting a specification which is fit for purpose and sufficient to meet the customer’s requirements.

Sustainability means economic, social and environmental benefits.

Our partnership approach and commitment to delivering Innovative & Engaging Solutions is one of the key factors that differentiates UKWSL from other in the market. UKWSL’s proven model for success can be replicated with other clients in the Distribution Sector.