Professional, ethical and responsible waste management

Our client has almost three centuries of gearbox manufacturing experience. They have 7 major manufacturing plants, 23 service centres across 6 continents and more than 1000 employees.

They are ideally equipped to serve their customer base in commodities, marine, defence, power, industrial and consumer end markets.

They are committed to conducting their business in a professional, ethical and responsible manner. UKWSL’s approach to waste management mirrors our customers commitments and this is what makes our partnership go from strength to strength.

Professional Transition Of Services

From the outset of our relationship our account management team spent a considerable amount of time gaining a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs and their waste streams. The overall goal was to ensure a smooth and pain-free transition from their previous supplier. Our customer expressed concerns over the possible disruption through the transition period which, if not controlled, could have had a serious impact on their production output.

UKWSL saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate that not all change needs to be painful. Regular communication was key to delivering a punctual and effective transition. UKWSL places an unwavering focus on delivering an unparalleled customer experience by placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

UKWSL supports our customer to raise awareness and educate key stakeholders about the global and local challenges we face in regard to waste management and the environment. Engagement and awareness are fundamental in delivering successful change and creating a new culture where we consider how our behaviour affects the environment we all live in. 

UKWSL looks to work with the right partners. By applying a proximity principle, we will ensure our service partners are locally based in relation to the customer site. This means that vehicles regularly travel through a smaller service area thereby maximising the quality and timeliness of collection services.

The additional benefit is that the associated carbon footprint is reduced by avoiding the unnecessary travelling miles. UKWSL’s success in applying these principles means that our customer has a 99% ‘on-time’ service success rate. Some of our competitors in the waste industry report service success by including missed collections recovered within an agreed number of days. For UKWSL, service success is about being “on-time”

Ethical Waste Solutions

Since the start of our relationship, UKWSL is committed to supporting our customer to move up through the stages of the waste hierarchy. UKWSL proudly delivers a zero-landfill solution which not only meets but exceeds our customer’s expectations. As an ethical waste and resource management company UKWSL has supported our customer to maximise recycling opportunities. By the end of 2019 recycling rates have exceeded 87% of total waste generated. UKWSL’s vision and commitment means that we are always reviewing services to seek continuous improvements. Our goal is to support our customer to further improve upon an already fantastic recycling rate.

Innovation Through Technology – The Hub

UKWSL have won an Innovation Award for our bespoke designed web portal “The Hub”. Our portal presents honest, accurate and real-time data, giving our customer complete visibility to the services that UKWSL provides.

The Hub shows clearly presented data and secure log ins to keep our customer information safe. Because the system is live and web based, Information is accessible anywhere and anytime our customer requires it. This gives them a quick and transparent way to track requests and source information.   

Our customer finance team can view invoices, statements and backing data which means they no longer need to retain physical paperwork. Not only does this reduce the need for storage and archiving, but reduces waste being generated in the first place. This is a key added value for UKWSL as it emphasises the top tier of the waste hierarchy.

In support of our customers Corporate Social Responsibilities. Our web portal can also be used to show tonnage generated by waste stream by month, giving both UKWSL and our customer the ability to analyse trends and create projects designed to minimise the impact operations have on the environment.

Compliance Documentation including electronic copies of waste carrier licences, waste transfer notes, disposal site permits, hazardous waste consignment notes and more are all held on the portal. This gives our customer confidence that they can access data required for ISO audits, Environment Agency visits and regulatory inspections.

UKWSL’s aim is to make the Hub the benchmark reporting system for the waste industry by continuously updating, amending and investing significantly in our portal.

The Benefits Of Working with UKWSL

Our commitment to delivering professional, ethical and responsible solutions are just a few of the key factors that makes UKWSL a different kind of corporate. Our proven model for success can be replicated through other clients within the manufacturing sector.