Cycle to School Week 2022

It’s Cycle to School Week across the UK this week. A time where not just the kids can get involved to make a pledge. In total, the journeys to school during the bike to school week in 2021 saved over £20,000 of fuel. Showing not only a great incentive for families, but also reducing your weekly carbon output.

Bikeability Trust, supported by Sustrans helped to bring this to fruition this year. You can join in the fun and take part this week by biking to school with your family. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, child, or cycle instructor, you can make a pledge for Cycle to School Week.

Our People Director, Cathy Cook Said, ‘This is a great initiative, cycling has multiple health benefits that can impact you both physically and mentally, but based on the number of pledges last year, it shows that this week will be a big help to the environment, reducing our carbon footprint across the UK. Therefore, this is one of the reasons we have incorporated a cycle2work scheme for any of our team members who are interested. This will allow us to help our people commute to work, providing a healthy option to mental health wellness through exercise and reducing our carbon footprint as a business.

In 2021, the amount pledged was a whopping 33,314 cycle journeys to school. This year, you’re able to choose from one of four different pledges:

  • Cycle to school everyday
  • Swap one car journey for cycling
  • Cycle with your family
  • Discover somewhere new on a cycle ride

If you’re interested in taking the pledge, you still have time to enter as this doesn’t end until 7 October 2022. Check out the link below, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win the Frog City 61 Bike.