We’re experts in delivering solutions that challenge, innovate and create a better way of working, which is why we’re committed to investing in innovation at every level of our operation so that we can bring fresh ideas and technological advancement to you. The ability to review data to establish best practice is a critical tool utilised by our Corporate Innovation Consultants and Sustainability Managers. Best practice often exists within a business but isn’t shared; our ability to identify and share these solutions can significantly impact overall recycling levels. Our experience and knowledge of your sector means that we can identify best practice taking place outside of your business, which gives you the ability to assess your environmental credentials against those of your peers.


Turn waste into customers Get MORE from NOVATI!

Strong sustainability credentials help you win and retain customers.

A key report has been published by Marketo highlighting the changes in buyer motivation in the new era, the report highlights the following:

Buyers are increasingly motivated by a number of other factors – which could be key differentiators. Sustainability is an essential area of consideration, with 67% of buyers seeking to work with companies that are striving to lower their impact on the environment.”

  • Today’s buyer is motivated by a new range of needs that are quite different to the traditional ones.
  • There is a generational shift that is impacting the buying process.
  • Brands have to live up to their Green claims or face buyer backlashes.
  • People, ethics, and the ‘big social issues’ of the day coupled with purpose and brand values are a critical part of the buying experience.

Therefore, clear demonstration of strategy, policies and targets for items such as Zero to Landfill, recycling etc are no longer “nice to have” but are essential in persuading potential customers to choose your company and also keeping existing customers on-side in order to retain them.

Our NOVATI MORE program has been operating for several years with great success in answering all of the needs of today’s buyer.

NOVATI MORE keeps you on track with environmental legislation; delivering sustainability and lowering your environmental impact. Our reporting can be used to share with stake holders as a demonstration that you are living up to your Green credentials.


Innovation In Action

Every year UK industry landfills an estimated 8,000,000 air filters. The Resources & waste strategy for England sets forth the need for us to think differently about waste. It’s a call to action for industry and asks us to look for new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

NOVATI Filter Clean are the only air filter refurbishment company operating in the UK. Our expert team provide an innovative cleaning solution and our results have been tested by Particle Technology Ltd who are one of the UK’s leading and most respected particle testing and manufacturing companies. We’re here to help you by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling your filters because we view your waste as a resource.

The Process


The Waste Hierarchy In Action



NOVATI Filter Clean solutions drives cost out of your business. Where filters are tested and deemed suitable, they can be reused up to 4 times. This means you don’t have to buy in as many filters in the first place.

We go one step further

When you buy refurbished filters from NOVATI Filter Clean the average purchase cost is up to 50% lower than the cost of buying a new filter.

Just a few of the filters we Refurbish and prepare for Reuse include:

  • Engine Intake filters
  • Cab filters
  • DPF filters
  • Compressor Intake filters
  • Pleated cartridge filters
  • Panel filters
  • Blower filters

If you like what you’ve read, why not reach out to our Sector Experts and we can have a more detailed conversation about the solutions we can deliver for you.

Net Zero

UK Government has legally bound us to reduce emissions in England to net-zero by 2050. Scotland has an accelerated timeline of 2045 which we believe is partially facilitated by the fact it has more naturally renewable energy resources at its disposal. Because the economy for Wales is heavily tilted towards agriculture its legally binding goal is a 95% reduction by 2050.

Many businesses are now creating roadmaps to plot their journey towards net-zero. In the short term, the majority are focused on Scope 1 & 2 ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect Emissions’. Scope 3 ‘Other Indirect Emissions’ is a far more complex subject in terms of both data capture and the ability to create change.

Waste falls within Scope 3 which is where we can help you.

Much like the waste hierarchy, the carbon hierarchy acts as a pyramid.



We believe that carbon offsetting plays an important role in addressing climate change because it provides a ‘polluter pays’ mechanism that affords a level of responsibility to the emitter and puts a price on carbon. It helps investment in low and zero carbon schemes, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, reduces poor air quality, increases biodiversity gains, as well as social health and wellbeing benefits.

We’re not in the habit of ‘greenwashing’ our clients or consumers which is why we won’t talk to you purely about carbon offsetting projects.

We will support your carbon reduction strategy by:

Scoping and agreeing boundaries, setting a baseline year and targets.

Measuring your footprint, identifying hotspots and recommending strategies.

Reducing emissions by implementing agreed upon strategies.

Offsetting the residual GHG emissions predominantly via United Nations Climate Change Carbon Mechanisms (UNFCC).

The road to net zero will undoubtedly require innovation and we’re working with a wide range of organisations on projects that are likely to play a significant role in helping achieve our ambitions.

If you’re looking for support and guidance on your journey to net-zero then we’re here to help.

Awards & Partnerships

Awards For Excellence In Recycling & Waste Management Finalist 2017

Awards For Excellence In Recycling & Waste Management Finalist 2020

MRW National Recycling Awards Winner 2019

MRW National Recycling Awards 5*Finalist 2020

Edie Sustainability Leader Awards Winner 2020

Edie Sustainability Leader Awards 2* Finalist 2021

Green Apple Environment Awards Gold Winner 2019

The International CSR Excellence Awards Champion 2020

Global Good Awards Finalist 2019

Global Good Awards Finalist 2020

London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2019

Best Business Awards Winner 2020


Social Value

We recognise the importance of the principles of sustainability and will address these principles in a committed and co-ordinated manner. The overall objective is to balance the environmental, economic and social factors that our activities can affect and to manage these factors in a controlled way to achieve good sustainability practice.

We believe that social value has a huge potential to help us change the way we understand the world around us, and make decisions about where to invest resources. By changing the way we account for value, we believe that we will end up with a world with more equality and a more sustainable environment. Our strategy focuses heavily on our people, our local community and our service partners.

From the combination of our behaviours, business strategy and activities relating to NOVATI and our customers, we are proud to have created £294,035 of social value in 2019.

All figures have been calculated using the National TOMs 2019 Basic Calculator.

Our ‘Connecting Communities’ program encapsulates our volunteer work in the local community.

We’ve work closely with Lovers Lane Primary School in Newark to build a Recycled Greenhouse as well as tidying and redecorating children’s’ play areas.

Mr Cook, Assistant Head Teacher, Lovers Lane Primary School

“Our whole school community aims to ‘Show respect, work together, aspire and nurture’ to get the best out of, and for, everyone. We work closely together to ensure that we can make a difference together for the town as a whole and for all our children and families. Novati’s continued support really helps us to make a difference.”

We’ve partnered with Hexagon FM and donated care packages to the local homeless community in Birmingham via charity events.


We know that an effective support structure is vitally important to delivering solutions to our clients. For many customers, our Corporate Sustainability Managers are the face of our business, but behind the scenes they are part of a bigger team who are involved in ensuring there’s “no pain of change” when you mobilise with us. Our support teams all play a part in ensuring your experience with us is always a positive one.

Our Corporate Sustainability team have overall responsibility for ensuring we deliver against your economic, environmental and social goals as part of our strategic contract delivery.

What can you expect from our Sustainability Managers?

We will:

  • Attend regular review meetings to discuss performance for the preceding and forthcoming periods
  • Review projects that optimise materials and collection services and create “Value For Money”.
  • Ensure delivery of relevant KPIs and provide reports as validation of our performance
  • Produce, review and analyse financial, health & safety, quality and environmental reports
  • Provide information to keep you informed on changes to environmental legislation and critical changes within our industry

Our Sustainability Managers produce bespoke business plans developed in partnership with you during the mobilisation phase of our relationship. The plan ensures all stakeholders understand and deliver on the expectations and aspirations of the program during the term of the contract.


Having a sustainability strategy isn’t enough; we need to engage with staff to create buy-in and move people towards a common goal. Communication is the key to engagement contributing to the successful delivery of a scheme by stimulating and helping to maintain an interest in how individuals can better manage our natural resources.

Climate change is a topic currently taking centre stage. Almost everyone wants to play their part, big or small, in creating a more sustainable future for our children and our children’s children.

In our experience, engagement starts with internal communication and training for key stakeholders. By sharing our knowledge of key sustainability issues, people will understand and support change. A creative, bespoke campaign that inspires, motivates and makes everyday actions relevant will ultimately determine whether you achieve your environmental aspirations and deliver a truly sustainable future.

We have a proven track record of success in engaging and delivering against our clients environmental aspirations. We work with you to apply for awards so that your efforts can be externally validated and your successes recognised.

Some of the training tools that we can provide you with include:

WasteSmart Training courses can be delivered at a Foundation or Advanced level supported by the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM). The course content is reviewed regularly to ensure it is up-to-date and reflects best practice, available technology and current legislation. They’re designed to be easily digestible with a delegate workbook to use during the course, which can be kept as a reference source.

Webinars are used to deliver online content such as navigating and effectively using our online portal, “the Hub.” All webinars are delivered by content experts who can answer questions and expand further on subject matter that’s of particular interest to you.

Welcome Packs are provided during the relationship’s mobilisation phase, providing sites with information about your environmental goals, defined lines of communication, and site-specific service information.

Bespoke posters and signage can be created by our in-house marketing team using clear colour schemes and visuals to identify which waste types go in which bins. These can be produced in several languages to ensure every member of your team can clearly understand the messaging being relayed.

Toolbox Talks are created and delivered via our Academy to Business, with a specific training program produced to meet your needs.

Waste Manuals are developed to assist in our change management programs.


Sustainability starts with understanding your “must have’s”, “satisfiers” and “delighters”, we deliver services tailored to satisfy these needs. Over the years, your requirements and expectations will change and we’re committed to ensuring we adapt so that we’re consistently delighting you with our solutions.

Our approach to sustainability always begins with the identification of your positioning within the waste hierarchy and your contribution to the circular economy.

Historically we view the waste hierarchy as a traditional pyramid with emphasis on the use of landfill which was the common end destination for materials.

Our approach to resource management helps to create a sustainable transition to an inverted hierarchy and means we must first move through a diamond hierarchy. We don’t want to see any material going to landfill and we want to ensure we recycle wherever possible.

A truly inverted waste hierarchy means we place maximum emphasis on Reducing and Reusing waste by looking at the full life-cycle of materials, redesigning packaging and questioning if we really need to buy a product.

History shows us that we operated a “Linear Economy” which only uses resources once, but we’re running out of natural resources so we must find alternative solutions.

The “Circular Economy” focuses on renewable resources by taking a product and re-using it instead of sourcing raw materials to create new products.

Our job is to create sustainable solutions that minimise the impact our actions have on the environment. We’re pretty good at it and it’s why we work with some of the UK’s most recognisable brands. We don’t want sustainable solutions to be kept a secret. We want to share best practice, that’s why we publish case studies that show our work.


React is our integrated emergency waste clearance and cleaning service – for when things don’t go to plan!

We can deliver an integrated emergency clearance and cleaning service that keeps your operations compliant, efficient, sustainable and running smoothly.

It doesn’t matter where, when or why… if you need an emergency collection or clean up service we can help with our 4 hour response time*, from call to site.

We utilise our network of specialists contractors to get you cleared up and cleaned up utilising thoroughly trained operatives who can deal with any situation, and they’ll use specialist equipment if that’s what it takes.

Our service gives you 100% transparency, with enhanced proof of compliance.

*Subject to conditions and availability


Best Value guaranteed

When we’re looking at your service specifications, we will make recommendations about the suitability of existing equipment. We will also discuss options for installing compaction equipment where there is a clear return on investment which can be demonstrated through a cost benefit analysis.

Static CompactorMulti2


We will equip you with the most suitable balers and compactors to effectively process materials. The installation of baling and compaction equipment significantly reduces the volume of recyclable or general waste material, providing numerous advantages on-site, such as:

  • Less storage space required
  • Reduce vehicle movements & associated CO2
  • Rebates for baled recyclables
  • Rapid return on investment

We recognise that choosing the correct equipment is vital and allows you to maximise the many benefits of our waste handling solutions.


Our range of horizontal balers are designed to bale materials such as cardboard or plastic, and achieves a volume reduction of up to 80%. Our vertical balers can recycle material or be used for waste disposal, and achieves a volume reduction of up to 90%. Both types are cost effective, user friendly, reliable, flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs. 


Our range of vertical balers produce individual bale weights from 20kg to 600kg (mill size bale). 

Power Cube_3_1


Our range of horizontal balers produce individual bales weighing as much as 650kg. We have a variety of units suitable for your requirements with suitable size feed aperture and load mechanism. Loading options include hand load, bin tipper or conveyor, and are selected depending on the site’s requirement.

The horizontal balers can process between 1500kg – 2000kg per hour with cycle times ranging from 43 to 78 seconds, dependent upon the specific unit and material.

Horizontal Balers are ideally suited to customers that are seeking to maximise the value of recyclables whilst minimising labour costs.

Fully Auto


Our range of fully automatic balers is suitable for the largest producers of significant volumes of cardboard, plastic and other materials.




Our range of static compactors provide solutions for high volume output with variable specification options to ensure we provide a solution to meet your requirements. We achieve a compaction ratio averaging between 4:1 and 6:1. Our static compactors can be filled through hand loading, bin tipper or conveyor dependant on your requirements.

Static Compactor Portable1000 Portable2000


Our range of portable compactors minimises waste collection costs. Our standard size portable compactors are a 14yd (10.7m) skip compactor or 32yd (26.8m) roll on/off compactor. Portable compactors are best utilised for general and food waste where a sealed unit is required for hygiene reasons.

Our range of Rotokrush compactor have the ability to load containers up to 50yd with bulky materials such as packing cases, pallets, wood and other industrial and medium density waste materials.



Whether you’re looking to replace existing containers or launch a new ‘segregation at source’ system, Equip can ensure the segregation of waste streams to maximise your environmental potential.

All of our internal containers are available in a range of sizes and colours with a variety of lid apertures and signage options.

Single stream internal containers

Internal1 Internal2 Internal3

Multi stream internal containers



Our web-based platform presents honest, accurate and real-time data, giving you complete visibility to service performance levels. We’re continuously updating, amending and investing in the platform to ensure we optimise the experience you receive.

Our platform ensures that we provide you with a suite of standardised reports and has the capabilities to allow us to create bespoke reports specific to your needs.

The great bits include:

  • Easy access to clearly presented data 24/7.
  • Secure logins to keep your information safe.
  • Live and up to the minute progress tracking.
  • All compliance documents are accessible.