Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards 2022 – Taking home a win

Yesterday, our team attended the Footprint Awards 2022 in partnership with Gourmet Burger Kitchen, SA Brains, and Deep Blue for the Waste Prevention Category. We had a fantastic time, capping off the evening with a win! Gourmet Burger Kitchen took the trophy, but the runner up was also one of our partners, Deep Blue. A huge congratulations to all that showed up to the event and our partners who got the recognition for the hard work they’ve done.

Speaking about the awards, our Head of External Affairs, Dave Gudgeon said “We’re elated to win the honours in Waste Prevention Category in partnership with GBK and being runners up with Deep Blue, having our efforts with our partners be recognised shows the importance of what we’re doing in the waste industry.

All our clients work extremely hard with their on-site management to ensure they’re obtaining the best sustainable solutions and we believe that they do a fantastic job.  

A big thank you to Footprint Media, highlighting the sustainability agenda and promoting responsible business practice for the drinks industry.”

Our Winners, Gourmet Burger Kitchen have been on a short journey so far, working hard to bring big changes to how they operate with waste. Working in partnership, GBK have managed to double their on-site recycling from 35% to 70%. They’re proud of the fact that in less than a year, they’re only landfilling just 0.06% of the general waste and have achieved Certified Carbon Neutrality Status as well. A fantastic achievement in such a short amount of time.

Our runners up Deep Blue, have been collaborating with us for only five months, they’ve implements solutions already that have had a significant impact, by making changes which impacted their on-site segregation. Not only did they double their recycling rate, but also achieved zero waste to landfill. Working towards NetZero on their journey, together we have reduced their carbon footprint by circa 93%. All surplus potatoes are donated to local charities and community kitchens.

Congratulations to all those shortlisted, the work we do with our partners shows that tailored environmentally friendly solutions are working for our clients on partnering to a world without waste.