The sector is facing significant challenges across every aspect of business. Consumers are faced with more choices than ever before and whether you’re a hotel, pub, club, restaurant, café or service station, the need to be lean, clean and green is becoming ever more important. Consumers are asking about the origins of products, the carbon impact of farming operations and the environmental credentials of the brands they buy from.

We’re here to help you do more

Leadership on climate change means doing everything possible to reduce emissions and work towards ‘net-zero’ carbon.  This is the time to rise to the challenge and to turn the tide.

Our MORE program has been tried, tested and continuously refined over more than a decade, and we have a proven track record of delivering great success in answering all of the needs of socially responsible buyers.

MORE is a roadmap, it’s designed to deliver both environmental and economic benefits for you.  MORE ensures that you’re maximising your recycling potential and minimising the carbon footprint of your waste collection services.  Achieving these goals generates financial savings for you and we aim to keep you ahead of environmental legislation.

As a society, we need to do more for our environment and this is why our MORE program should become a “Must Have” for your business.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When it comes to the hospitality sector, one size really doesn’t fit all. For example, the waste composition of on-the-go businesses significantly differs to that of a casual or fine dining restaurant.

You can’t always benchmark businesses across these sub-sectors and compare them to each other. The differing waste compositions require different service solutions and it means that recycling performance rates can vary significantly.  Our sector experts have many years of experience in understanding the unique challenges you face and we’re well placed to help you navigate a path to success.

Your business may be located on a retail park, in a busy city centre or down a narrow country lane. Location can have a significant impact on the choices you’ve been given as to who can manage your waste materials. Our model makes us proud because it provides us with the ability to optimise and add value to the services you receive. With hundreds of service partners across the UK we’re well placed to deliver sustainable solutions no matter where you are.

Our solutions aren’t set in stone either. The trading patterns for the Hospitality & Leisure sector generally show seasonal peaks and troughs. Our Sustainability Management team are on hand to help you identify the right service solutions for differing seasons.

Dispelling the Myth – The Pain of Change

For many organisations the perceived ‘pain of change’ associated with switching to a new supplier is enough to deter them from even considering alternative solutions. As a result, many organisations remain in their comfort zone and operate with systems that are no longer best in class or fit for purpose, let alone innovative. They therefore fail to maximise the commercial and environmental benefits that can be extracted from stepping outside their comfort zone and selecting the right supplier to manage their resources.

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Corporate Innovation Consultant

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I’ve worked in the waste sector for many years, providing solutions for trade, clinical & hazardous waste. I build partnerships with clients in the retail, care home & hospitality sector. Tailoring packages targeting your needs; whether it’s high street service delivery, optimising trade and clinical solutions or cost.