Let’s Recycle Awards for Excellence

Yesterday our team attended the Awards for Excellence ceremony with representatives from Fresh Pak. While we may not have won, our sustainability strategies in food manufacturing in tackling NetZero and waste management solutions were recognised by the judges as our partnerships were shortlisted twice.

The Awards for Excellence is run by let’s recycle. These awards are evidence to the ambitious work and dedication of our Innovation Consultants and Sustainability Managers who have supported many of our clients to deliver incredible sustainability solutions. Tackling net zero and using waste management initiatives in the food manufacturing sector showed that our sustainability and economic viability really can work.

All two clients were all shortlisted in the waste and recycling category. Here is some of the highlights from their nominations.

Fresh Pak – Through investment in additional bins & services and by engaging with staff, together we have been able to create a new solution for everything that was being viewed as general waste. The results speak for themselves. Fresh Pak now Recycles a whopping 88% and continues Reusing 11% of the material, thanks to the millions of crushed eggshells. The remaining 1% of the waste is sent for recovery, leaving just 0.02% landfill

Analysis shows that if Fresh Pak had continued as they were, they would produce circa 820 tonnes CO2e p.a. from waste disposal. By working together to implement sustainable solutions, Fresh Pak’s carbon footprint for Scope 3 ‘Waste Disposal’ has reduced by 97%.

A huge congratulations to Fresh Pak. It is a fantastic achievement and we’re excited to see what we can do to drive the sustainability agenda even further forwards.