Novati named as a Fast-Growing Company

Grant Thornton UK LLP has compiled a list of the top 200 fastest-growing companies in the East Midlands. The analysis combines comprehensive insight into financial performance and sets a benchmark for businesses to assess themselves. Following a period of rapid growth, we’re thrilled to have made the list.

The prestigious list identifies businesses that are both owned and managed within the East Midlands region with exceptional rates of growth. The results highlight the evolving entrepreneurial nature of the region, but also its resilience given the challenges faced because of the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain issues and inflation, to name a few.

Almost everything we do in life carries some sort of risk, and rapid growth fits into that category. But despite the challenges and risks, our fantastic team have pulled together to make sure we continue delivering the excellent customer experience we’re known for. It can be a bit cliché to say ‘people are the key to our success’, but it’s true. As a business founded in Newark in 2003, we’re committed to employing locally and supporting our community. Our people feel a sense of ownership and have a passion for the business that’s vital to our success.

Speaking about our success, People Director Cathy Cook said, “We embrace the diversity our people offer; our differences in ethnicity, age, abilities & disabilities, and our cultural background helps weave the tapestry that is our business. Our team’s broad range of skills, knowledge, and perspectives on the world stimulates innovation and creativity and has been a key component in delivering against our growth projections.”

Interested in working with, or for one of the fastest growing companies in the region?

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