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The Tanzania Tree Planting Project

Sustainability is fundamental to Novati and how we operate as a business. It’s why in 2019 we started investing into the Green Earth Appeal (GEA). GEA began funding for a scheme called Forest Garden, Tanzania Tree Planting Project in the Mabama area of Tabora. 

Deforestation is one the largest problems Tanzania has had to encounter, with an annual deforestation rate of 1%; twice the annual world rate. Sadly, between 1990 and 2010 Tanzania lost 19.4% of its forested land.

Local communities are being educated on the impacts of the tobacco industry and how they can change this by coming onboard to the project. They’re trained in facilities designed by GEA and taught how best to use their land, resulting in a better understanding of deforestation and the benefit of planting trees. The project also provides families with tools and infrastructure, which will result in aid-reliant communities being able to support themselves through sustainable farming practices.

We’re proud to have contributed toward the success achieved so far. The project currently helps approximately 3,700 people to improve their lives through planting over 1,000,000 trees in sustainable farming systems spread over 700 acres of land.

Dave Gudgeon, Group Head of External Affairs said, “Such a fantastic project was something we had to contribute towards; tropical deforestation now makes up for just under 10% of global warming pollution. The results of deforestation have caused communities to live on unstable ground, which is making Tanzania liable to landslides and flooding from the lack of trees. Delivering a carbon positive project and ensuring a circular economy system is put in place has reduced pollution and provided food products for families for both sustenance & sale. This scheme demonstrates exactly what kind of positive changes we can make to Tanzania’s environment,  the global climate crisis and the families who are suffering from the causes of global demand.

If you want to find out more about the project, click here to watch a short video about the project.