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We’ve got worms

We have a worm farm! We have invested in a worm farm, which is now producing vermicompost. Worm Composting is a way to re-use food waste and other organic materials. Our worms eat food waste and once the waste passes through their body, this becomes Vermicomposting. 

Struggling for a resolution to our food waste that was cost effective was becoming a concern for us. Which is why when our sustainability team came across this solution, it seemed like this local provider would be perfect for our business model. 

Our new worm farm is located outside our offices, managed by our housekeeper Jasmine. Dedicated food caddies are situated around our kitchen, which are emptied into our ventilated farm units outside once full. Once our worms have produced enough Vermicompost, this will then be used in our gardens. 

Our SHEQ Manager, Chris Bennett Said, ‘While office waste is minimal, across the UK this still makes a significant impact to the environment. Separating waste streams such as food waste in an office can at times be challenging; due to the small quantities produced. However, being able to use a local, ecological, closed loop solution is what makes our sustainability executives so effective in their roles on finding solutions that fits every business need.’  

If you are interested in finding out more – have a listen to what Lisa from our team has to say.