Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day. A day to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity and in support we managed to photograph a few of our ladies in leadership roles.

Since 1911 International Women’s Day has been identifying, celebrating, and increasing the visibility of women’s achievements to forge equality. These three central beliefs underpin and guide the purpose of the IWD. Having strategic collaborations based on a foundation of shared purpose, trust and appreciation can have a positive impact on women. This in turn raises worldwide awareness via meaningful narratives which can help combat gender bias and discrimination.

Diversity and inclusivity play a significant role within our business. Cathy Cook, Novati’s People Director, said, “We drive a culture of fairness and inclusion. Which is why we’re delighted to be able to celebrate with over two thirds of our business that are women, and our board and ELT that is a 40/60 split of female to male ratio. Breaking the bias in the workplace starts right at the recruitment process and including diversity and equality in the recruitment process itself. We have embedded a culture where everyone is equal, for me, everyone has that same opportunity, we respect one another, we are an inclusive business, where anyone can go on and progress to up the ladder into leadership roles.’

Which is why we’re celebrating our women today. While it won’t come as a shock to hear that the waste industry is a largely male dominated, that isn’t the case here. We have so many talented individuals on our team, with 67% of our workforce being female and the overall total of leadership roles being held by women at 52% overall. We recognise the importance of our achievements and would like to thank all of those who put in their hard work for us each day to shape who we’re as a business”.