Festive Gift Giving 2023

The festive season is upon us, so it’s important everyone gets an opportunity to experience a bit of Christmas magic! Supporting people, families and children who may have fallen on tough times is part what this month is all about. So, we partnered up with a few of our local community charities, Emmaus Trust, Children’s Bereavement Centre and BeanBlock this month to deliver 131 presents from Santa.

We’ve been operating in Newark since 2003 and our local community is important to us. We wanted to support charities which are close to our hearts. Through-out the year we have been working with numerous charities, helping through various events, and fundraising to support where we can, but our partners of choice this month were Emmaus Trust, The Children Bereavement Centre and BeanBlock Newark.

With entire UK currently experiencing continued cost of living crisis, this means more and more people are not able to afford presents, food and experience the festive joy that Christmas is all about. We had a blast collaborating with the charities to help groups from schools in the local district and community groups to help families and children with party gifts for the holiday season. We delivered 11 gifts for the Emmaus Trust, 50 to the Children’s Bereavement Centre and 70 for the BeanBlock for their Christmas parties.

Newark Emmaus Trust is a local, independent charity providing support & housing for homeless young people aged between 16-25. Emmaus supports people to work their way out of homelessness, providing meaningful work, training, support, and a stable home for as long as someone needs it.

The Children’s Bereavement Centre is run by a committed team who are passionate about helping children between the age of 3-18 to cope with the grieving process brought on by the death or terminal illness of someone close. Providing appropriate timely support, empowering people on managing their feelings with the long-term support of their parents/carers, reducing isolation, and providing a safe and confidential environment where they are listened to. Helping reduce the effects of trauma and anxiety, increase emotional well-being, and stop or reduce mental health issues later in childhood or adulthood.

Beanblock was formed by Cate and Aliki who met in March 2019. Bonding over the difficulties of being a parent, they become partners in this non-profit business. They recognised through personal experience the difficulties that families face throughout their time as parents, which is why practical solutions were integral to how their BeanBlock cafe was designed. Their family friendly café operates a full programme of community activities to give parents opportunities to make connections.

Our Head of Talent Kirsty Barker said: “I understand how tough it can be at Christmas as a parent, especially during these challenging times. By supporting, Emmaus Trust, The Children’s Bereavement Centre and BeanBlock – I hope that local families can feel that at least a little bit of weight has been lifted from their shoulders with the continued issue of the cost of living not easing.”

If you would like to support or are interested in learning more about our charities of choice Emmaus Trust, Children Bereavement Centre, BeanBlock Newark, please follow the link below: