Waste2Zero Riches

You may have heard about the fantastic news we shared about winning ‘Business Resource Management Business of the Year’, but did you know our very own Head of External Affairs, Dave Gudgeon received a shock surprise by host Lucy Siegle and received a great honor at the end of the night, the Special Achievement Award. This award recognises individual contribution to reducing the impact of waste in hospitality and Foodservice.

We had the privilege of sponsoring a fantastic awards ceremony on the 2nd November. Waste remains endemic and is one of the biggest global challenges today, in the Out of Home sector. Arguably, the two biggest areas of waste for this sector are food and packaging. Food is still wasted at every stage of the supply chain, much of it before it even reaches the table; whilst packaging is a necessary bug bearer for the food industry in its current form, which creates its own environmental issues with production and disposal.

The plastic element of this is of course recent, and the debate over single use continues to rage on. Evidence of our wastefulness increases the oceans with the resulting microplastics unnervingly being shown to entering the food chain.

Our Head of External Affairs, Dave Gudgeon, has been with the team for 7 years, but has over 20 years’ experience in the waste management industry, facilitating customers challenges in the hospitality sector and large corporations across the UK. Speaking to Dave about his achievement, he said, ‘As many of you know, I’m passionate about sustainability, and I’ve worked with many F&B, and hospitality businesses for over 2 decades in the industry. Having just won the ‘Best Resource Management of the Year’ category, I have to admit I wasn’t expecting anything more, especially the honour of winning the Special Achievement Award. The shock I felt when I heard Lucy Seigle speaking about my journey in waste management was huge, but also the pride when she announced my name was overwhelming. I’d like to give a huge thank you to those who have been there, the customers I’ve worked with and my colleagues who have supported me over the years.

To find out what else we got up to on the night, check out our other new story where we attended the awards with Reconomy Group on the night, who also sponsored this fantastic event. We had an amazing evening celebrating the success of different businesses as well as our colleagues.

Waste2Zero Award Winners 2023