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Oktoberfest Annual Conference 2021

On Friday 1st October we had our first conference since July 2019. During an unprecedented time in history, which has seen us all face uncertain times; we wanted to raise morale and ensure our team had a memorable day. Many team members were coming together face-to-face instead of through a computer screen for the first time in well over a year. Bringing the excitement to the party was our number one goal, which is why we selected the Oktoberfest theme.

By promoting a “team” mentality between colleagues we gave them more reason than ever to reach out and connect with each other about more than just work.

Named after German cities, teams from Wiesbaden to Heidelberg came together to face the mystery challenges we’d set for them.

We started the morning playing a risk assessed, non-drinking and heavily adapted version of Hammerschlagen. Hammering nails into wood isn’t all about brute strength. You need to combine power with poise, precision and a whole lot of luck.

Our keg rolling relay race was more physical than a 6am spinning class and really showed who knows how to roll out the barrel.

We finished the morning with a test of strength with Masskrugstemmen; the Stein holding contest. Some did their team proud, but some, not so much. It’s important to note, that no beer was spilt during this challenge.

On Friday evening we hosted the main part of the conference in Newark Town Halls Ball room which is both elegant and spacious now that it’s been restored to its original splendour. Our Managing Director, Max Kanda and Head of External Affairs, Dave Gudgeon spoke to the team about our rapid growth over the past few years, the acquisition of AMA Waste Management and our future strategy.

We continued by celebrating the success of teammates who live out our Vision, Purpose and Values on a daily basis.

A massive congratulations to all of our winners:

Our Vision – Darren Andrew

Our Purpose – Chloe Lewsley

Our Values – Jasmine Dawes, Regis Sugden, Richard Bartimote, Kirsty Dyer and Natalie Wesson

People Award – Georgia Smith

Oktoberfest continued with Brat Tossing, Pretzel munching, an eye opening German words game with the grand finale of a Lederhosen and alcohol fuelled dance contest.

Overall, this was a night of celebration and coming together as a business. At Novati our teammates become part of our family; after such a tough year we wanted to give everyone a night of fun and laughter and to show our appreciation for what they do for us.

Now we face our biggest ever challenge; how do we top this in 2022………..